Activision Sued For $680 Million by COD Esports Org

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Activision Sued by OpTic Gaming Members for Call of Duty Esports Monopoly

Activision is facing a lawsuit filed by senior members of OpTic Gaming, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez and Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, for its alleged monopolistic control and ‘stranglehold’ over the Call of Duty (CoD) esports scene. According to a report in Bloomberg Law, the lawsuit was filed on March 28, and it seeks $680 million in damages.

Alleged Monopoly Over Call of Duty Esports

The lawsuit alleges that Activision holds a monopoly over the entire CoD esports ecosystem, from sponsorships to tournaments. Originally, the top-tier Call of Duty League (CDL) was introduced in 2020 to replace the Call of Duty World League, but it was met with criticism and high costs. Teams were charged a hefty $27.5 million to secure a franchise slot, causing widespread controversy.

Damning Claims in the Lawsuit

One of the most damaging allegations in the lawsuit is that Activision ‘impermissibly enriched itself at the expense of professional Call of Duty players and teams now under its control’ through the CDL.

Impact on CoD Esports Scene

Recent events, such as Microsoft’s mass layoffs and the collapse of the Overwatch League, have raised concerns about the future of Call of Duty esports. The weight of this lawsuit could potentially fracture the CDL beyond recognition.

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