Xbox Reveals Next Wave of Game Pass Titles For March 2024

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Xbox Announces New Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass in March and Early April

During the Xbox event, some highly anticipated titles for Xbox Game Pass were officially announced. Here’s what fans can look forward to in March and early April:

Diablo IV and Other Titles Arriving in March

The gaming community was already aware of Diablo IV’s arrival on Xbox Game Pass, as Microsoft announced last month that all Activision and Blizzard games would start rolling out on the service. Although we don’t have definitive information about additional titles joining Diablo IV, here are the confirmed March releases:

Confirmed Games for March

– Diablo IV (Release Date: First Week of April)

(Details about other games coming in March are currently unavailable.)

More Exciting Announcements for Early April

Two smaller games, Shredders and Hardspace: Shipbreaker, were revealed last week as additions to the Xbox Game Pass library. The lineup for March will undoubtedly end on a strong note with these and other upcoming titles:

New Titles for Early April

– The Quarry (Available Now)

Supermassive Games’ latest release, The Quarry, has already made a splash, especially among fans of the studio. With its genuine humor, exciting twists, and impressive Hollywood cast, it’s an excellent addition to Xbox Game Pass.

Upcoming Projects from Supermassive Games

Despite facing staff cuts (30%) in February, Supermassive Games continues to generate positive buzz. The studio has announced plans for a new project and leaked footage from the anticipated Until Dawn remake has surfaced contact last month.

Diablo IV: A Mixed Reception but a Game Pass Exclusive

Diablo IV received mixed reviews from critics and fans when it was released. However, it is the first Activision and Blizzard game to join Xbox Game Pass, and it will be available with Diablo IV DLC on March 26th.

Additional Gems to Complete a Strong Lineup for Xbox Game Pass

Between overlooked gems like Evil West and Day One launches, Xbox Game Pass has a robust lineup to round out March 2024. For more gaming industry news, read about the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection being offered.

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