Jim Ryan Broke Down His Top PlayStation Games of Every Generation

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Jim Ryan Reflects on His 30-Year Tenure at Sony Interactive Entertainment: A Look Back at His Favorite PlayStation Games

In an interview before his departure next month, Jim Ryan shared heartfelt thoughts about his three decades with Sony Interactive Entertainment. The CEO, who is leaving the company after thirty years, addressed some of the challenges facing the gaming industry today.

Navigating Industry Challenges: The Importance of Adaptation

Ryan acknowledged the recent wave of mass layoffs affecting over ten thousand developers across the industry. He emphasized that “nobody can ever be complacent, and nobody can ever feel that anything’s forever.”

Favorite PlayStation Games from Every Generation: A Nostalgic Journey with Jim Ryan

As the CEO prepares to leave Sony Interactive Entertainment, he reminisced about his favorite titles from each generation of PlayStation – PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5. With a rich history spanning all these platforms, Jim Ryan has been an integral part of the PlayStation family.

New Horizons: What’s Next for Jim Ryan?

Next month, Jim Ryan will step down as CEO and move on to “a few things” he has been developing. He expressed that his life is set to take a “little different direction.”

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