Apex Legends Global Series Finals Hacked And Postponed

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Apex Legends Global Series Finals Hacked: NA Regional Finals Postponed

The Apex Legends Esports account recently announced that the latest Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) finals tournament was hacked, resulting in the postponement of the North American regional finals. According to the post, the competitive integrity of the series has been compromised.

Hackers Used RCE Exploit, Warnings of Potential Ransomware

As reported earlier, the Anti-Cheat Police Department stated that the hackers utilized an Remote Code Execution (RCE) exploit. The ALGS organization issued a warning to the community, stating that the hackers have the capability to install ransomware on PCs.

UPDATE: Easy Anti-Cheat Addresses RCE Exploit

Following the initial report, a statement from Easy Anti-Cheat addressed the alleged RCE exploit within their system. The post confirmed that there is no such vulnerability being exploited.

Impact on ALGS Year 4 Split 1 Playoffs and Future Scheduling

At this point, it remains unclear when the North American finals will resume and if this postponement will affect future scheduling. The ALGS Year 4 Split 1 Playoffs are set to begin on May 2nd at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, marking the first LAN event of the year. Featuring 40 teams across 6 regions, the tournament will be an exciting event for Apex Legends fans.

Player Criticism of Anti-Cheat Systems and Industry Concerns

Apex Legends fans expressed appreciation for the team’s open communication regarding the hacking incident. However, many took advantage of the situation to voice their concerns about the game’s anti-cheat systems, which are frequently criticized by players. This incident also highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the eSports industry as hacking continues to pose a threat.

Apex Legends Update: New Battle Royale Experience and Respawn Entertainment Layoffs

In other news, Apex Legends released an update last month that overhauls the Battle Royale gameplay experience. Introducing a Legend Upgrade system and more, the update marks a significant improvement for players who may have had less-than-optimal experiences in the past.

Apex Legends Team at Respawn Entertainment Undergoes Layoffs

Unfortunately, the Apex Legends team at Respawn Entertainment recently underwent layoffs. The exact number of employees affected has not been confirmed by the company.

Sony Faces Challenges with PlayStation VR Headset

Lastly, Sony is experiencing challenges with the sales of their PlayStation VR headset.

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