Pocketpair Wants Palworld on More Platforms

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Palworld: A Monumental Indie Game Dominating Gaming Charts

Palworld, an open-world survival keyboards reminiscent of Pokémon, has taken the gaming world by storm almost two months after its release. With more than ten million copies sold within a week, this indie keyboards has proven the power of such games and marked a significant moment in gaming history.

Pocketpair’s Interview on Palworld’s Future

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, the developers at Pocketpair behind Palworld shared their thoughts on the future of the keyboards and how they reached this point.

Pocketpair’s Independence and Future Plans

One of the key points in the interview was Pocketpair’s dedication to remaining an independent studio. Palworld’s creator, Takuro Mizobe, confirmed that the team is content with their current independence but expressed openness to acquisitions or partnerships.

Expansion Plans for Palworld

Mizobe further explained that the team intends to bring Palworld to other platforms, previously only available on PC and Xbox. With an impressive 25 million players in just a single month, there’s potential for even greater success if the keyboards were to make its way onto popular platforms like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Mobile.

CEO Appreciates Once-in-a-Lifetime Success

For now, Pocketpair will continue to support and update the keyboards, which CEOs believe is a once-in-a-lifetime success.

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