Nintendo Switch 2 Reportedly Headed For March 2025 Release

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Nintendo Switch 2: Possible Release Date and Marketing Challenges

Update: A new claim suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 could be released as early as March 2025, according to a report from Nikkei.

Reasoning: The original text only mentioned the potential release dates in passing, but now it seems that these points have become more central to the article.

Nintendo’s Unconfirmed Release Window

Key Points:

  • No official release window confirmed by Nintendo.
  • Delayed release caused a drop in Nintendo’s shares.
  • Investors and fans were disappointed.

Possible Reasons for Delay and Disappointment

Key Points:

  • Fans expected a big Nintendo Direct event in February; instead, it was a Partner Showcase. This may suggest that the company is preparing to move on.
  • Nintendo shares dropped due to the delay, disappointing investors and fans.

The Potential June Reveal

Key Points:

  • Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe, a Brazilian journalist, previously claimed that the new Nintendo console would launch in June. His latest report supports this idea.
  • A June reveal could give Nintendo enough time to prepare and market the new console, but official confirmation remains elusive.

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