David Vonderhaar Has Teased His New Project With a Cryptic Video

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David ‘Vondy’ Vonderhaar Reveals Mysterious Landing Page Teaser

Minutes ago, David ‘Vondy’ Vonderhaar, a notable figure in the gaming industry and former Call of Duty developer at after more than 19 years, teased a mysterious landing page with a looping video. The page features a red barn set against a forest backdrop, containing various tools and posts protruding from the barn’s front.

The video initially showcased a night scene but has since transitioned to daytime.

Despite the cryptic teaser, it remains unclear what Vonderhaar is attempting to reveal on the site. Last year, he left to work on an “undisclosed project,” and it appears that this undisclosed project is nearing disclosure.

“There’s nothing more to glean from the teaser page at the moment,” Vonderhaar stated. “But you can watch the 20-second loop repeat ad infinitum until something changes.”

As soon as more information becomes available, Insider Gaming will be sure to provide the latest updates.

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