NVIDIA Reveals RTX Upgrades For Diablo IV, Star Wars Outlaws

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NVIDIA Expands RTX Games and Release Dates

In a recent announcement, NVIDIA revealed that more games will be joining the list of titles supporting Real Time Ray Tracing (RTX) technology. These upgrades include DLSS 3.5 and Full Ray Tracing in popular games such as Naraka: Bladepoint, Portal with RTX, Diablo IV, Star Wars Outlaws, and Black Myth: Wukong.

Naraka: Bladepoint will initially support full ray tracing in three PvP and PvE areas. Diablo IV’s RTX update is set for March 26th, while Star Wars Outlaws will launch with DLSS 3 and ray-traced effects.

Upcoming Games

  • Naraka: Bladepoint: Full ray tracing in three PvP and PvE areas, launching with DLSS 3.5 support.
  • Portal with RTX: Full ray tracing and DLSS 3.0 support, launching alongside Portal.
  • Diablo IV: RTX update with mixed reviews; available for subscribers starting March 28th.
  • Star Wars Outlaws: DLSS 3 and ray-traced effects; releasing in 2023.
  • Black Myth: Wukong: DLSS 3.5 and full ray tracing; launching in August 2023.

NVIDIA confirmed that it still has several new exciting integrations of cutting-edge RTX technology to be revealed at the upcoming 2024 Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Diablo IV Update and Future Plans

Diablo IV has received mixed reviews, with a Metacritic rating of 2.2 and “Mixed” ratings on Steam. Despite this, the developers continue to update the keyboards, and it will roll out with additional content later in March.

Impact on Fans and Future Developments

The announcement of these expanded RTX games came as a surprise for fans, but it is evident that NVIDIA and keyboards developers are committed to the growth and implementation of this technology in gaming.

While at GDC 2024, NVIDIA plans to reveal “several new exciting integrations of cutting-edge RTX tech,” which may include more improvements and updates for the games already mentioned. Fans will be eager to see what these new developments bring to the gaming experience.

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