Embracer Sells Off ‘Selected Assets’ From Saber Interactive

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Embracer Group Sells Selected Assets for $247 Million to Beacon Interactive

In a move that bolsters Embracer Group’s portfolio, the company has reported the sale of “selected assets” for $247 million to Saber Interactive co-founder Matthew Karch and his newly formed firm Beacon Interactive. The deal includes acquiring nearly 3,000 workers and 38 ongoing projects from Embracer.

Future Collaboration Between Embracer and Beacon Interactive

Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors expressed the company’s commitment to their future partnership:

“I will continue to remain a large, long-term shareholder of Embracer and we will remain partners on several ongoing and future projects.”

Retained Pipeline Includes 14 Games and Joint Projects

Embracer will maintain full control over the upcoming pipeline and back catalog from Zen Studios, Aspyr, and Tripwire. Additionally, Embracer Group retains 14 games, two of which are joint projects.

Existing Games in Embracer’s Retained Pipeline

  • “Major AAA title based on a major license”
  • “New AA keyboards from 34 Big Things”
  • “Killing Floor 3”
  • “Teardown”

Beacon Interactive’s Option to Acquire 4A Games and Zen Studios

“Beacon will have an option right to acquire 4A Games and Zen Studios for a fixed price within a certain time period,” Embracer Group’s press release states.

Possible Concerns Over License and Publishing Rights to Metro Franchise

“Some fans may be concerned that Embracer will hold onto license and publishing rights to the Metro franchise, via PLAION.”

Embracer Group’s Recent Sellings

“Last month, reports surfaced that Embracer Group planned to sell Saber Interactive,” the press release notes.

Matthew Karch on Divestment Impact

“This divestment leaves both parties in much better positions to grow our respective businesses,” says Karch.

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