EXCLUSIVE – Sonic is Getting a New Free-to-Play Mobile Game Dubbed “Toys Party”

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Exciting New Free-to-Play Sonic Game Coming in 2024

Inside sources have shared internal videos about a new free-to-play Sonic mobile game called Project Toys, which is currently codenamed and believed to be finalized as ‘Sonic Toys Party’. Scheduled for release in Summer 2024, this game will share similarities with the popular free-to-play title ‘Fall Guys’.

Game Details:

  • Various Sonic characters, such as Sonic, Tales, Shadow, Knuckles, Eggman, Amy, Metal, and more, can be seen battling it out in 32-player matches.
  • Matches involve competing in obstacle courses and fighting against bosses. The last player to win gets the advantage.
  • Gold rings contribute to unlocking chests that provide new costumes, emoji bundles, dances, trails, and other in-game goodies.


Note: Insider Gaming sent gameplay footage to us under the condition that it remains private and anonymous. The video shows various Sonic characters battling in 32-player matches, racing to the finish, collecting rings, or simply surviving until the end.

Game Features:

  • Free-to-play with in-game currency for gold rings.
  • Unlock chests that include new costumes, emoji bundles, dances, trails, and more.

Game Release:

It is unclear when the game will be officially announced, but it’s set to release in Summer 2024.

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