Sea Of Thieves Co-Developer Radical Forge Hit With Layoffs

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Indie Developer Radical Forge Faces Layoffs Amid Restructuring

According to Games, indie developer Radical Forge is experiencing a round of layoffs as part of its restructuring process. The layoffs reportedly affected six employees, as noted by former junior tech designer Louis Escudié on social media.

Radical Forge Statement

“We would like to clarify that these layoffs will not affect the delivery of any existing projects. We will do everything we can to ease the situation of anyone affected and help them find alternative roles”

Co-Developed Hit Titles

Radical Forge is known for co-developing popular titles such as Gang Beasts, Sea of Thieves, and Zombie Army 4. The studio also worked on original games like Southfield and Bright Paw.

New Title Funded by Private Division Development Fund

“According to Radical Forge’s official site, the studio is currently working on a “new title funded by the Private Division Development Fund”.”

Other Recent Layoffs in the Industry

Supermassive Games announced up to 50 layoffs, while Electronic Arts plans to cut nearly 700 jobs across various studios.

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