Is Xbox Actively Banning Third-Party Wireless Controllers?

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Xbox’s New Policy: Two-Week Limit on Third-Party Wireless Controllers

In the past few days, Xbox gamers have been expressing their concerns on social media platforms about a new policy limiting the use of third-party wireless controllers. According to information from the Xbox Support site, these controllers can only be used for two weeks before being banned for use with the console.

Error 0x82d60002 and Its Consequences

If you have encountered Error 0x82d60002 while using a third-party wireless controller on an Xbox console, be aware that this error signals the beginning of a two-week countdown. Once this period elapses, your controller or accessory will no longer function with the console. The error code will change to 0x82d60003, rendering it ineffective.

Impact on Popular Gaming Products

Brook Gaming, a manufacturer of gaming products and peripherals, reported that several of its leading products will be affected by this error. Gamers should take note that any unauthorized controller or accessory may cease to function after the two-week window.

The Origins of this Change: Xbox OS Update

Some gamers claim that Microsoft introduced this change in an update to the Xbox Operating System on October 16th.

Implications for Xbox Gamers

Moving forward, Xbox gamers are advised to use only first-party or officially licensed products from trusted brands like:


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