The Outlast Trials is Coming to Consoles

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Title: The Outlast Trials Leaked: A New Era of Mind Control and Brainwashing on Consoles

**H2**: Outlast Trials Unveiled in Xbox Store Leak

The anticipation for The Outlast Trials, a new installment in the Outlast series, has been building after its unexpected appearance on the Xbox store. This revelation implies that the game will be making its way to consoles soon.

**H2**: Deluxe Edition Details and Release Date

The newly surfaced Xbox store listing reveals the “The Outlast Trials Deluxe Edition” priced at $49.99 with a scheduled release date of 3/5/2024.

**H2**: Expected Official Announcement at The Game Awards

It’s believed that Red Barrels, the developers and publishers of Outlast Trials, will make an official announcement during The Game Awards. At this point, it’s uncertain if the game is also slated for a PlayStation 5 release (to be updated).

**H2**: Background of The Outlast Trials

Originally launched on May 18, 2023, for PC, Outlast Trials marks the third title in the Outlast series. This prequel sets the stage for the first two games and introduces players to human test subjects unwillingly recruited by Murkoff Corporation during the Cold War era. The participants are subjected to advanced brainwashing and mind control experiments, where ethics, resilience, and sanity will be put to the ultimate test in an atmosphere of distrust, fear, and violence.

**H2**: Will You Face the Challenges of The Outlast Trials?

Are you eager to test your mettle in this psychological horror experience on console platforms? Share your thoughts and feelings below.

**H2**: Further Information on The Game Awards

For additional information about The Game Awards, please check out our dedicated page.

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