PlayStation 5 Adding Community Game Clip Feature ‘Later This Year’

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Sony Announces Update to PlayStation 5 Game Help Feature: Community Game Clips Coming “Later This Year”

At a recent event, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Game Help feature is set to receive an update to support community game clips. This new functionality will allow gamers to easily access or contribute helpful clips for other players.

Community-Generated Game Clips to Assist Fellow Players

With the upcoming Community Game Help feature, PS5 users can tap into a wealth of content created by their fellow gamers. This includes accessing Game Help hints developed by game developers themselves. However, it’s essential to note that only “supported games” will offer these features.

Expanding the List of Supported Titles

Sony aims to expand the list of supported games as much as possible. As of now, Granblue Fantasy: Relink is one of the confirmed titles, but more announcements are expected closer to the launch.

Opting In or Out: Player’s Choice

Players are given the freedom to decide whether they want to participate in the Community Game Help feature or not. The process of submitting clips is done automatically, eliminating the need for editing and uploading.

Rating and Reviewing Community-Contributed Clips

When players discover community-shared clips, they can rate their usefulness. This feedback system will help prevent unwanted trolling, unclear content, or misplaced game clips.

Streamer’s Concerns: No Audio or Image Interference

Interested streamers don’t have to worry about other audio or images interfering with their content, as only raw game footage is uploaded. However, contact IDs and chat messages might show up depending on the specific game.

Stay Tuned for a List of Supported Titles

PlayStation is expected to release more details on the list of supported titles in the Community Game Help feature soon.

The Anticipation for PlayStation 5 Pro

Besides the Community Game Help feature, PlayStation fans are also eagerly waiting for the announcement of the PlayStation 5 Pro. Last week, Insider Gaming provided some details on its specifications.

NetEase’s Upcoming Project Inspired by Overwatch

For additional gaming news, NetEase is reportedly developing a new game inspired by Overwatch. Stay tuned for more updates on Insider Gaming.

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