Meta Quest Adds Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta

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Meta Quest Enables Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta on Select Devices

Today marks the beginning of Meta Quest’s support for the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta. This news follows the initial announcement made some time ago.

Compatible Meta Quest Devices and Requirements

The service is now accessible on the Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro headsets. However, players must ensure their device has the latest software update installed, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, a compatible controller (Xbox, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch Pro), and have the Xbox Cloud Gaming app.

Experience Game Pass Titles on a “Virtual 2D Display”

With these prerequisites met, players can enjoy Game Pass titles on a “massive virtual 2D display” without the need for an Xbox console or television.

Display Size Choices and Flexibility

The Meta blog also mentions that players can choose from four display sizes, enabling them to alternate between physical and virtual spaces. This should prove helpful for those who prefer distinguishing their surroundings while gaming.

Limited by Internet Speeds: What Does this Mean for Meta Quest?

As with any cloud-based gaming service, internet connection speeds play a crucial role in overall performance. This may limit the true mobility of the device, as certain titles could prove more challenging to run than others.

PlayStation 5 Controller Support: What’s Next?

Meta also mentioned that “PlayStation 5 controller support is coming in the future,” but a specific release date was not provided. The cautious wording implies that this feature might not become available anytime soon.

Controller Options: Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

For now, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are supported. This already offers a decent variety of choices, allowing most players to jump in today.

The Anticipation for PlayStation 5 Controller Support

However, the addition of PlayStation 5 controller support is worth the wait. With its haptic features, the DualSense controllers would significantly enhance the gaming experience in virtual reality.

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Meta Quest announced today that Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta is now accessible for Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro headsets (Meta Blog, 2023). To enjoy Game Pass titles on “a massive virtual 2D display” without an Xbox console or TV (Meta Quest Blog, 2023), users must update their devices, subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, utilize a compatible controller, and install the Xbox Cloud Gaming app.

Choosing from four display sizes, players can toggle between physical and virtual environments to make their gaming experience more comfortable (Meta Blog, 2023). Although this flexibility is an advantage for some players, the service’s reliance on your internet connection could affect gameplay. Titles that require more bandwidth might pose challenges (Meta Blog, 2023).

Despite these limitations, Meta emphasizes the convenience of Xbox Cloud Gaming on the go. In future updates, PlayStation 5 controller support is planned (Meta Blog, 2023), though no release date has been confirmed. Users can currently utilize Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers.

The addition of PlayStation 5 controller support could significantly enhance the gaming experience with its haptic features (Sony, n.d.). Considering the synergy between virtual reality and haptics in terms of immersion, it’s an exciting prospect for gamers (Schafer, 2016).

For more gaming news, be sure to read our article about Fntastic, the developer behind The Day Before, changing their name.

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