Kratos’ Voice Actor Pissed Off The Entire COD Community

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Christopher Judge’s Joke at The Game Awards Sparks Controversy: Call of Duty Community Slams Actor for Ill-Timed Remark

During The Game Awards, Christopher Judge, the esteemed voice actor behind God of War’s Kratos, made a joke that was met with controversy. Last year, Judge graced the biggest stage in gaming and delivered an eight-minute speech. This time around, he joked that his speech would be “longer than this year’s Call of Duty campaign.”

Backlash from the Call of Duty Community

Shortly after, former and current Call of Duty developers took to social media to respond to Judge’s comment. Their criticisms were unified, with many expressing disappointment and frustration over the joke:

Former Infinity Ward Developer Ajinkya Limaya’s Response

“It may not have been his intention or even his idea, but in that moment, Judge became the scapegoat. His remark was likely fed to him via teleprompter, yet the responsibility fell on his shoulders,” Limaya stated on Twitter.

WindowsCentral’s Jez Corden Weighs In

“Following The Game Awards, numerous critical reports emerged, focusing on the show’s handling and the lack of attention given to the thousands of developers who were recently laid off due to economic circumstances,” Corden added.

An Inopportune Moment for a Joke

At a time when unity and support are crucial within the gaming industry, Judge’s joke was seen as insensitive. Critics argued that industry representatives should be showing solidarity instead of making light of the challenges faced by their colleagues.

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