Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform?

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Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross Platform? Understanding the Limitations of Its Multiplayer Mechanics

Rainbow Six Siege, an electrifying shooter game released in 2015, continues to captivate millions of users with Ubisoft’s consistent content updates. As one of the top multiplayer titles in the industry, it’s natural for gamers to ask: ‘Is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?’

Crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege: What We Know

Limited cross-platform mechanics exist in Rainbow Six Siege. PC players can connect with Amazon Luna users, while PlayStation and Xbox gamers can join forces. However, console-to-console play (such as PS5 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X) is not supported at the moment.

The Community’s Stance on Crossplay

Console players often express discomfort when playing against PC gamers, and Rainbow Six Siege’s community has generally supported the platform-specific matchmaking.

How to Turn Off Crossplay Matchmaking in Rainbow Six Siege

To play exclusively with gamers on your platform, navigate to the game’s settings menu, select the ‘General’ tab, find ‘Crossplay Matchmaking,’ and switch it Off. This will enable you to connect only with players on your preferred platform.

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