Cassette Beasts Multiplayer Update Coming Early 2024

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Cassette Beasts Multiplayer Update Officially Scheduled for Q1 2024

In an exciting announcement, publisher Raw Fury revealed the official release window for Cassette Beasts’ anticipated multiplayer update. The update will be launched in Q1 2024, as confirmed in a feature showcase trailer.

Expanded Party Size and Classic Features

Initially planned for this year, the multiplayer update brings support for 8-player parties, battling, trading, and raids against Rogue Fusions. These features are essential elements of the genre that fans have come to love.

A Celebration of Classic Monster Tamers

Cassette Beasts, an innovative and nostalgic homage to classic monster tamers, has been warmly received by gamers. Its multiplayer update aims to enhance the experience even further.

Addressing Technical Challenges

The delay in releasing the multiplayer update was due to “reaching parity across all platforms,” as mentioned in a developer post. This implies that any technical issues were minor, ensuring fans that the update is less likely to experience significant delays before its launch.

Quality and Consistent Content

Cassette Beasts’ developers have prioritized delivering a quality experience across platforms. They regularly release new content, as demonstrated by the October release of the Pier of the Unknown DLC. This latest addition introduced more story, beasts, and cosmetics in an unexpected setting to positive reviews.

A Few More Surprises Before the Year Ends

According to a recent Steam post, the developers have “a couple more surprises” up their sleeve as they “wrap up for the year.” This implies that fans of the game could expect further announcements within the coming weeks, including potential 2024 roadmaps or even new DLC.

Exciting Developments in the Gaming World

For more information on the latest gaming news, check out the recent announcement of a popular game making its way to film and television.

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