Pokémon Go Reportedly Growing, ‘Major Features’ Coming Later This Year

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**Pokémon Go: Senior Executive Shares Exciting Plans for the Game’s Future with Eurogamer**

Ed Wu, senior vice president of Pokémon Go at Niantic, spoke with Eurogamer about the game’s growth and future plans. Despite being close to its 10th anniversary, Wu expressed that “Go Tour was by many metrics our most successful week ever.” The increase in in-person raiding nearly doubled, indicating a strong player base.

Wu emphasized that the developers are committed to ensuring “really firm foundations for the next 10 years,” promising longtime fans that development won’t slow down soon. Niantic’s aspirations include adding every Pokémon to the game, but “we want to do it in the right way.”

**Upcoming Updates: Avatar System Refresh and Major Features**

In preparation for Pokémon Go’s 10th anniversary, Wu mentioned the possibility of revamping the Avatar system. Enhancements include “updated assets” and more customization options for players.

Regarding specific updates in 2024, Wu confirmed that Niantic will “continue to deliver huge, major features,” with several planned for the latter part of the year. This implies that Pokémon Go could undergo significant changes later in 2024.

**Pokémon Legends: Impact on Pokémon Go and New Mobile Game Announcement**

Eurogamer asked about the potential influence of Pokémon Legends: Arceus on Pokémon Go. Wu shared that although the team is enthusiastic about the game, Pokémon Go’s focus will remain on other content.

It’s worth noting that there is usually a delay in Pokémon Go incorporating new franchise additions. This trend holds true for the upcoming Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which is expected to launch sometime this year.

Furthermore, during the February Pokémon Day showcase, an announcement was made about a new mobile game in the franchise. The title and release date for this game have not been disclosed yet.

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