GTA 5 Source Code, GTA 6 Code, and Bully 2 Files Leaked, Reports Claim

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New Leaks from Rockstar Games: GTA 6 Source Code and Bully 2 Files Surface

Following last year’s major hack that released over 100 GB of content from Rockstar Games’ projects, damaging information continues to emerge. Recent reports suggest that the source code for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 and every file from the cancelled game Bully 2 have leaked in full.

More Leaked Information on GTA 6

According to several sources, more information than previously reported has been leaked. Until now, transactions involving key data such as GTA 5’s source code were being kept secret and exchanged behind closed doors, often on a mobile device. However, recent screenshots suggest that the data has been made publicly available.

Bully 2 Files and Early Concepts for GTA 5 Also Leaked

Additionally, claims have emerged that Bully 2 files and fresh Python code from GTA 6 have also been leaked. A screenshot circulating contact shows some early, conceptual materials for GTA 5, including an original concept art.

Sophisticated Cheats: A New Concern

There are now serious concerns that with GTA 5’s source code being publicly available, sophisticated cheats can be more freely created.

Developing Story

This story is still developing as more sources reveal what has been leaked. For more Insider Gaming coverage, check out the latest news on our site.

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