GTA 5 Leak Suggests EIGHT DLCs Were Scrapped

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New Discoveries from GTA 5 Leak: Eight Scrapped DLCs

Previously, we reported on the appearance of GTA 5’s source code, as well as fresh content from GTA 6 and abandoned Bully 2 project contact. This event followed the massive leak last year, resulting in over 100 GB of content being released after a hack on Rockstar Games and GTA 6.

Uncovered DLCs from the Leaked Content

Keen-eyed gamers have delved into the extensive data obtained from GTA 5, which contains thousands of lines of code, conceptual maps, character and building renditions, and more. It appears that up to eight planned DLCs for the single-player portion of GTA 5 were ultimately scrapped throughout the years.

Rockstar’s Explanation for Lack of DLC

In 2017, representatives from Rockstar Games explained that the absence of DLC for GTA 5 was primarily due to the tremendous success and profitability of GTA Online. Additionally, they mentioned that the game’s story had reached its conclusion, requiring significant resources to produce next-gen versions.

The Scrapped DLCs: What Could Have Been

Among the discovered content, several planned DLCs never made it to fruition. The following are the known potential expansions:

  • Return to Liberty City: This DLC could have allowed players to revisit the iconic location from previous Grand Theft Auto titles.
  • Prequels: Possibly, we could have explored events that took place before the main game.
  • Relationships in Los Santos: There might have been an opportunity to forge connections across the city.
  • Business Ventures: Players could have managed sizeable businesses outside of those already available.
  • Trevor as an Agent: Trevor might have assumed the role of a mysterious ‘Agent.’
  • SP Manhunt Pack: A possible crossover with Rockstar’s gory 2003 game of the same name.

Unfortunately, these expansions remain history.

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