Fortnite Festival to Get Hundreds of Free Songs Per Year and Legacy Instrument Support

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Fortnite Festival: Reviving Rhythm Games with Fortnite and Harmonix

The release of Fortnite Festival, the latest addition to Epic Games’ popular title Fortnite, marked the beginning of Chapter 5 Season 1 this month. Alongside LEGO Fortnite, this update brought significant changes to the game, extending its reach beyond the Battle Royale mode. Harmonix, the developers behind the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series, are now aiming to revive the rhythm-music genre with an audience of hundreds of millions.

Alex Rigopolous on Fortnite Festival’s Future

In a recent interview with Insider Gaming, Alex Rigopolous, the head of Harmonix, discussed Fortnite Festival’s future plans and upcoming features.

Free Daily Rotating Songs and New Releases

Like the Item Shop, Fortnite Festival offers a daily rotation of free songs for players to enjoy. These tracks can then be purchased for permanent use, and the roster currently includes artists like Kendrick Lamar, Weezer, The Killers, and The White Stripes. Harmonix plans to release over 100 new songs every year to eventually reach thousands of playable songs in the mode.

Possible Collaboration with Peripheral Manufacturers

Though not officially confirmed, Mad Catz and Razer may be releasing new instruments for Fortnite Festival as early as January 2024. Additionally, Harmonix has hinted at unofficial instrument support, which could potentially bring third-party projects like Clone Hero and YARG to a larger audience.

Using Old Guitar Hero or Rock Band Instruments

For those who still have old instruments gathering dust, Fortnite Festival will soon allow users to play with them in the game. This means that old Guitar Hero or Rock Band controllers might have a new purpose for many players.

Anticipated Song Releases and UEFN Support

New songs are added weekly, with fan favorites like Linkin Park’s “Numb” and Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life” likely to be included soon. More complex songs may be withheld until instrument support is added, making playing lengthy and intricate tracks on a controller or keyboard more feasible.

UEFN Support and Custom Experiences

In 2024, Fortnite Festival will introduce UEFN support, allowing players to create their own experiences with custom songs and maps. This opens up new possibilities for various game modes, such as rhythm-based shooters, fighting games, or racing titles.

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