Undisputed Boxing Career Mode Is Launching In February

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Steel City Interactive Announces Release Date for Undisputed’s Career Mode and Character Creator Update

Indie gaming studio Steel City Interactive has shared some exciting news for fans of their boxing game, Undisputed. In a recent social media post and YouTube video, the team announced that the long-awaited career mode and character creator will be making their way to the game in an update on February 12, 2023.

Final Major Update Before Full Launch

According to Steel City Interactive, this will be the “seventh and final content update in early access.” Therefore, the next major update after this one will mark the departure of Undisputed from the early access phase and its official full launch.

“Managing Your Fighter from Start to Finish”

Career Mode:

“It’s a system where you are fully managing your fighter,” Steel City Interactive stated in the announcement.

In Undisputed’s career mode, players will guide their boxer from humble beginnings to boxing greatness. They will have the power to hire coaches, negotiate fight contracts, delegate tasks to management, choose opponents, aim for titles, and more.

Character Creator

Besides the career mode, players can also look forward to creating their custom boxers. The character creator will offer a range of options to help create unique and personalized fighters.

New Gameplay Effect: Flat-footed Movement

“This happens when your fighter’s long-term stamina drops below a certain threshold,” Steel City explains.

Flat-footed movement will make it harder for fighters to dance around the ring or move on their toes. Instead, they’ll be forced to recover and get back to normal movement.

Undisputed’s Availability and Pricing

Undisputed is currently available for purchase in early access on the Epic Games Store. Console gamers will have to wait until the game leaves early access before they can join in.

The base price of Undisputed is currently set at $30. However, the price will increase with the launch of the new career mode and character creator.


With the release date for Undisputed’s long-awaited career mode and character creator set, fans can look forward to a more immersive boxing experience. The update is expected to arrive on February 12, 2023. Make sure to keep an eye on the game’s progress as it prepares for its official full launch. Stay tuned for more gaming news and updates!

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