Ubisoft Just ‘Introduced’ a Game That Came Out Six Years Ago

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Ubisoft Revives Old Game: BattleCore Arena

Intriguing news for gaming enthusiasts! Ubisoft has recently announced playtests for a mysterious game called BattleCore Arena. The trailer on YouTube and tweets reveal players controlling mechanized balls that engage in explosive laser battles while utilizing gravity and fast-paced movement mechanics.

Background of BattleCore Arena

Little information is available contact about BattleCore Arena, with the exception that it was developed by Cosmic Ray Studio, a French studio with minimal contact presence. The game debuted on Steam back in 2017 and underwent a major overhaul in 2022, erasing most of the game’s assets and data from the platform. The last update for the game was in May 2023.

Ubisoft’s Revival of BattleCore Arena

With the start of 2024, Ubisoft has announced the return of this enigmatic game. The trailer showcases the same promotional art as the original BattleCore Arena, a free-to-play arena shooter. Interestingly, the Twitter profile for the game has posted an invitation to join technical tests from February 1st to 5th, 2024. This is the first post since February 2020 and currently has only 153 followers.

What We Know About BattleCore Arena

Ubisoft has yet to provide further details on this ‘new’ game. It is assumed that Ubisoft quietly acquired the game years ago and has been working on it in secret. Stay tuned for more Insider Gaming coverage.

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