The Future of Gaming Hinges on Live Service Titles

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95% of Game Studios Working on Live Service Games: Griffin Gaming Partners Report

According to a recent report published by Griffin Gaming Partners, an astounding 95% of game studios and developers are currently engaged in creating or maintaining live service games. The report, which surveyed 537 studios on various topics, revealed that a whopping 66% of these studios agreed that live service games are crucial for long-term success.

What is a Live Service Game?

The report defines ‘live service’ as any game that undergoes regular updates. This includes fixes, content drops, and seasonal events.

Griffin Gaming Partners Report: Key Takeaways

The 47-page report delved deep into the future and sustainability of the gaming industry. Three major takeaways emerged from the report:

Challenges Facing Developers

The report highlighted some of the significant challenges developers face, including data engineering, delivering live services, managing player expectations, and the demand for cross-platform games. With technology becoming increasingly complex, testing has become more difficult, leading many game developers to opt for automated testing processes.

Problems with Live Service Games

The report addressed the biggest issues plaguing live service titles, such as high churn rates and revenue loss due to defects, outages, and emergent problems. As gamers, we’ve all experienced the ups and downs in popularity of some of the most popular live service games.

Future of Gaming: One-and-Done Games versus Consistent Updates?

With the success of live service games on the rise, it raises the question: are we moving towards a future where traditional ‘one-and-done’ games will no longer exist? Will consistent content updates, performance passes, and DLC roadmaps become the new norm?

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