Tarkov’s Latest Update is Being Scrapped and Rolled Back

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Battlestate Games Rolls Back Escape from Tarkov’s Update Due to Critical Issues

Yesterday, Battlestate Games deployed the update in Escape from Tarkov, removing snow from the game and addressing issues with armor, recoil, and other core elements. However, the team has now taken the game offline again due to critical problems that emerged post-update.

Problems with

Players reported various issues, including significant frame rate drops on larger maps and problematic recoil patterns for specific weapons. Handguns, in particular, displayed unusual recoil behavior that was broken.

Rolling Back the Patch

Battlestate Games is currently rolling back the patch to its previous version and will release the changes once they have undergone additional adjustments.

Community Response

The majority of the community welcomes Battlestate Games’ quick action, but some users are displeased with another prolonged offline period following the last one.

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