Tarkov’s Biggest Creator: ‘Cheating Is Out of Control’

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Escape from Tarkov: Players Frustrated with Cheating Issue Three Weeks after 0.14 Update

Escape from Tarkov, a popular shooter game developed by Battlestate Games, is currently three weeks into one of its periodic resets and global updates. The latest 0.14 patch brought several new features, including a new map, new tasks, armor and recoil mechanics modifications, and changes to existing maps. Players have generally expressed satisfaction with these updates.

Cheating Crisis: A Growing Concern among Players

Despite the overall positive feedback, there’s a significant issue that has been causing distress for players across the globe: rampant cheating. Pestily, one of the game’s most active content creators, recently addressed this issue in a YouTube video.

Visible Cheaters: Profile Addition Reveals Suspicious Statistics

Pestily discussed the increasing prevalence of cheating, which has become more apparent due to Battlestate Games’ recent ‘profile’ addition. This feature allows players to view each other’s statistics and achievements. As a result, cheaters with bizarre, astronomically high kill/death ratios have been easily identified.

Return of Old Users: Cheating as a Means to Combat Hackers?

Pestily also mentioned an increase in ‘old users’ turning to cheats. This could potentially be a response to the hackers who have been ruining their gaming experience.

Advanced Cheating Techniques: Loot Vacuum

Recently, cheaters have been exploiting advanced techniques such as ‘loot vacuum’. This strategy involves entering a raid and quickly extracting all top-tier loot from the map. The technology behind this cheat is improving, enabling cheaters to leave with stolen goods in a matter of seconds.

Relentless Wave of Cheaters: Battlestate’s Ongoing Battle

Battlestate Games recently revealed that within the span of two weeks, they have banned over 10,000 cheaters from their game. However, the wave of cheaters continues to be a significant concern.

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