Stellar Blade Will Have a Strong Focus on Costume ‘Creation’

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Exclusive Look at stellar Blade’s Costume Creation and Attractive Protagonist Eve from PlayStation’s State of Play

During the latest edition of PlayStation’s State of Play showcase, fans got an extended sneak peek at Shift Up’s upcoming post-apocalyptic action title, stellar Blade. The trailer featured a few minutes of gameplay showcasing Eve, the combat-capable protagonist, and an exclusive glimpse into stellar Blade’s story and combat system. In a recent interview, stellar Blade’s game director, Kim Hyung Tae, discussed the depth of costume creation within the game.

Eve’s Stunning Outfits: A Peak into the Gameplay Trailer

The latest stellar Blade gameplay trailer revealed several of the up to thirty different costumes players can build and equip for Eve. Fans couldn’t help but share their admiration for the athletic protagonist on social media after watching the trailer (link).

Empowering Players to Express Eve’s Versatility with Costume Creation

According to the interview, the goal of stellar Blade is to let players “express all the things a female character can do when wielding a sword.” This concept centers around quick movement and unleashing powerful attacks against enemies in a semi-open post-apocalyptic world. Several outfits will be made available as pre-order bonuses, while others must be crafted or purchased in the game.

Designing Costumes to Highlight Eve’s Strength and Agility

While a significant part of costume creation in stellar Blade focuses on enhancing the player’s experience, it’s crucial to note that the majority of these outfits are designed primarily for accentuating Eve’s appearance. The diverse wardrobe available caters to various aesthetic preferences, ensuring that players can enjoy their gameplay experience while showcasing Eve in her best light.

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