Sony CEO Says PlayStation’s Gaming Future Will Be On PC, Mobile, And Cloud

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Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida Discusses the Future of PlayStation Gaming

As the market leader in console gaming, Sony’s PlayStation 5 has enjoyed robust sales since its release in 2020. The company’s PlayStation division is dedicated to maintaining its position at the forefront of the gaming industry, but what lies ahead remains uncertain, even for CEO Kenichiro Yoshida.

Expanding Gaming Experiences

Yoshida envisions a future where gaming is ubiquitous,

allowing users to access their favorite games seamlessly on any device equipped with computing power.


according to Yoshida, will remain at the core of this endeavor, as the company intends to expand gaming experiences beyond consoles to include PC, mobile devices, and the cloud.

The Role of Subscription Services

When asked about the trend towards subscription services in gaming,

Yoshida acknowledged their value but suggested a balanced approach.

“People generally play one game at a time,”

he explained. “An all-you-can-eat style of many games may not be as valuable to gamers compared with video streaming services.”

Sony, he added, will offer a hybrid service on PlayStation Network combining both subscriptions and pay-per-content.

Competition in the Gaming Industry

The recent Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard raised questions about its potential impact on PlayStation, but Yoshida remained diplomatic in his response.

“Healthy competition is essential for the gaming industry to thrive,”

he stated. “We at Sony believe it’s crucial to offer gamers diverse options, so we’ll continue our efforts in this regard.”

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