Sons of the Forest Gets a New Trailer Ahead of 1.0 Launch

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Sons of the Forest: One Year Later – From Early Access to Full Release

Exactly one year ago, Sons of the Forest made its debut on Steam in Early Access. Now, it’s time for this terrifying yet beautiful open-world survival game to graduate. On February 22, Sons of the Forest will be released in its full version – ‘1.0’ – and to mark this milestone, developer Endnight has unveiled a new trailer.

A Horror Survival Game that Took the Gaming World by Storm

When Sons of the Forest was launched exclusively on PC in February 2023, it became an instant success. It reached a peak concurrent player count of over 400,000 users and recorded impressive sales in just one day. The game rapidly took over streaming and content creation platforms, earning a reputation as one of the best horror survival titles.

Exploring and Surviving in a Lush, Diverse Island

Sons of the Forest challenges players to explore and thrive on an enchanting yet dangerous island. They must construct buildings and shelters, gather weapons and clues, and confront all kinds of horrifying enemies – from cannibal tribes to mutated creatures.

A Look Back at the New Trailer Celebrating Sons of the Forest’s 1.0 Release

To commemorate the release of Sons of the Forest on Steam as a full game, Endnight has released an enthralling new trailer. Take a look:

A Must-Have Game for Horror Survival Fans

Sons of the Forest is undoubtedly one of the top horror survival games available, making it a must-have for fans of the genre. Over time, Endnight has continuously updated and expanded the game with new building blueprints, vehicles, weapons, and ways to explore the island.

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