Rock Band 4 Is Getting New DLC, But It Will Be The Last

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Harmonix Announces Last DLC for Rock Band 4 after Nearly a Decade

Nine years after its initial release, Harmonix has announced new Downloadable Content (DLC) for Rock Band 4. The studio made this announcement on their Website, revealing that the last DLC will be available on January 25, 2023.

The Final Chapter for Rock Band 4’s DLC

Unfortunately, no other details have been shared regarding the content of this upcoming release. However, Harmonix assures players that other live services like contact play and Rivals seasons will continue to receive support after the DLC’s release.

A Look Back at Rock Band 4’s DLC Legacy

“Working in support of the Rock Band community has been a high point in my professional life. Wading through the thousands of song requests we get, working through what songs to pursue and release – it’s all hard work but also really satisfying,” said Daniel Sussman, senior product manager at Harmonix.

Sussman continued, “Taking a longer look back, I see the Rock Band DLC catalog as a huge achievement in persistence and commitment. Over the years, we’ve cleared, authored, and released nearly 3,000 songs as DLC. That’s wild! Many of you reading this own a good chunk of this content, and we remain committed to protecting that investment. To be very clear: You can play the songs you own within Rock Band 4 for as long as you like.”

Harmonix’s Future Focus: Fortnite Festival

As Harmonix moves forward, their focus lies on the recently released “Fornite Festival” for Rock Band 4, which will be getting regular updates.

Are You Excited for the Last DLC of Rock Band 4?

Are you still playing Rock Band 4 and planning to get the last DLC? For more Insider Gaming news, read about Apple’s request for $8.5 million from Epic Games for legal fees.

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