Most Iconic Final Fantasy 7 Characters Explained

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Unraveling the Mysteries of Final Fantasy 7: A Character Deep Dive

Throughout your adventure in Final Fantasy 7, you’ll be left pondering several questions. Who is Cloud truly connected to? What role does Zack play? And what on earth is Cait Sith!? In this article, we delve into the major characters of Final Fantasy 7, answering your burning questions and more.

Cloud Strife: The Former SOLDIER with a Mysterious Past

Your journey with Cloud begins as a former member of the elite military organization, SOLDIER. His past is shrouded in mystery, and his clouded memories add intrigue to his identity. Cloud sets out to prevent Shinra from draining the planet dry. Despite starting with small acts of sabotage, he remains focused on saving the world.

Cloud’s iconic buster sword is a recognizable symbol for many players. Given his small stature, it’s hard not to ponder how he wields such an enormous weapon. As the game’s protagonist, you spend a significant amount of time with Cloud, forging deep relationships along the way.

Tifa Lockhart: Emotional Core and Childhood Friend

Childhood friends with Cloud, Tifa’s story intertwines with his. She is the emotional backbone of the group and offers unwavering support. As the owner of Seventh Heaven bar in Midgar’s slums, Tifa navigates life’s challenges with a smile. Her emotional depth and friendship add richness to the story.

Aerith Gainsboro: Grace, Positivity, and Tragedy

Radiating grace and positivity, Aerith plays a significant role in maintaining team morale. She is genuinely caring towards Cloud and the rest of the party. Her playful banter and cheerful demeanor bring moments of lightness to an otherwise grim world.

Her story includes a tragic romantic component that leaves many players heartbroken. Regardless, her spirit remains a beacon of hope for both the characters and the players.

Barrett Wallace: A Rugged Exterior Hides Dedication

With a rugged exterior and a gun for a hand, Barrett presents a tough exterior. His dedication to the planet’s well-being is masked by his militant demeanor. As an adoptive father, Barrett’s loving parenting stands in stark contrast to his gruff exterior.

Sephiroth: From Hero to Antagonist with a Dark Past

A former hero turned villain, Sephiroth’s descent into darkness is fueled by unsettling truths about his origins. With unparalleled strength and the iconic Masamune, a massive katana, Sephiroth becomes a symbol of evil. His complex character, tragic backstory, and ominous charisma make him one of gaming’s most iconic antagonists.

The connection between Sephiroth and Cloud revolves around their shared connection through Jenova. Sephiroth, believing Jenova is his mother, manipulates Cloud, who has been infused with Jenova’s cells.

Sephiroth’s goal is to use Jenova’s cells to summon Meteor and merge with the planet’s life energy, becoming a god-like being. Understanding this dark motivation adds depth to his complex character.

Yuffie Kisaragi: Mischievous Ninja from Wutai

A mischievous ninja from the hidden village of Wutai, Yuffie is the first optional character in Final Fantasy 7. She adds levity to the game with her carefree demeanor and deadly shuriken. Her quest for material forms the basis of her interactions with the party.

Vincent Valentine: Gunslinging Vampire with a Dark Past

Vincent is the result of intensive testing done by Shinra. His vampiric appearance and ability to transform into monstrous forms make him a formidable addition to the party. Vincent’s dark backstory adds depth to the game.

Red XIII (Nanaki): Last of the Cetra Beast

A member of the rare and ancient species called the Cetra Beast, Red XIII is the last of his kind. He joins your party unarmed and imparts wisdom whenever possible.

Cait Sith: Mysterious Cat-Dog with a Hidden Agenda

A cat on top of a giant stuffed robot-moogle, Cait Sith is one of the weirdest characters in Final Fantasy 7. He answers to Reeve Tuesti from Shinra and works undercover. The extent of his story remains a mystery.

Zack, Cloud’s mentor and friend, plays a significant role in shaping Cloud’s identity and motivating him throughout the game. His tragic past and brief presence in the story leave fans hoping for more screen time in future installments.

Who are some other characters you believe deserve mention in this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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