It’s 2024 and a New NES Game is Being Developed

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Nostalgic Gaming: A New NES Game with a Feathered Twist

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) holds cherished memories for many older gamers. First introduced in 1983, the NES was discontinued in 1995 after selling an impressive 61 million units. More than thirty years later, one developer is bringing new life to this classic console – and not just for the NES, but also for the Game Boy!

A Solo Developer’s Passion Project

Creating a brand-new game for an iconic console is not as unusual as it might seem. Last year, we featured a solo developer who continues to make waves in the gaming industry.

Introducing Flap Happy: The Avian Roguelike Platformer

Recently, Mega Cat Studios took to social media to announce that their Kickstarter campaign for Flap Happy was nearing its goal. Described as ‘the world’s first 8-bit avian roguelike platformer,’ this game features challenges such as hazards, item collection, platform navigation, and enemy avoidance. With over 900 levels and ‘multiple bird characters,’ Flap Happy is sure to please retro gamers with a fondness for bird-based platformers.

The Story of Flap Happy

According to the game’s blurb, Flap Happy has a unique backstory:

“In a far-off land, a benevolent king had decreed that happiness should reign supreme. But an insidious sorcerer, jealous of the joy in his subjects’ hearts, sought to spread misery instead. He cast a spell that turned all happy birds into sad and grumpy creatures. Our brave hero, Flaplo the Bluebird, must journey through dangerous lands to reverse the sorcerer’s curse!”

Play It Now – Or Soon on NES

Although a demo for Flap Happy is currently available to download and play on PC, Mega Cat Studios emphasizes their commitment to releasing the game in cartridge form for both the NES and Game Boy.

Join the Adventure

Are you a retro gamer with a soft spot for bird-themed platformers? Flap Happy might just be the game for you! For more Insider Gaming news, check out our coverage of other exciting developments in the gaming world.

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