Forza Motorsport Is Making Changes To Car Progression

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Forza Motorsport: Turn 10 Studios Announces Flexible Car Progression System

Turn 10 Studios has recently announced exciting changes to the car progression system in Forza Motorsport, effective with the upcoming major title update in March 2023.

Unrestricted Car Upgrades

Starting from the next update, all car parts will be accessible from Car Level 1 for every vehicle in the game. The studio shared that “once a car is added to your car collection, you can install upgrades to it in any order that you wish.” This means that players will have the freedom to modify their vehicles with engine swaps, race tires, aspiration changes, body kits and any other parts available.

Purchasing Car Points with In-game Currency

“Car Points” is the new addition to Forza Motorsport’s progression system. Players can earn them by leveling up their cars, as before, but now they can also be purchased using in-game currency. Initially, 500 Car Points will cost 4,500 Credits. However, Turn 10 Studios mentions that the price ratio is under testing and may change after launch.

This update means that players can start installing upgrades to their cars as soon as they have sufficient credits or choose to save their credits and earn car parts through leveling.

Brand Discounts Remain the Same

Despite the changes, brand discounts will remain constant. Each car that reaches level 50 for a specific manufacturer will still receive a 5% discount. Reaching this milestone will take roughly 2-3 hours of on-track racing.

Your Thoughts?

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