Everything We Know About Mario vs. Donkey Kong

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong: A Gaming Icon Returns to the Nintendo Switch

Since its inception in the early days of gaming, Mario vs. Donkey Kong has become one of the most iconic titles in video game history. In this popular 2D adventure, players take on the role of Mario as he sets out to defeat Donkey Kong in a series of levels and challenges.

A Legend Reborn: From Donkey Kong to Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Originally released in 1981 under the name Donkey Kong, this game actually followed Mario as he tried to save Pauline from the infamous Ape character. Despite its name, it was essentially a game about Mario versus Donkey Kong. The game featured a vertical layout, with players starting at the bottom and working their way up to the top of each level, all while avoiding obstacles set by Donkey Kong.

A New Era: 2004’s Mario vs. Donkey Kong on the Game Boy Advance

In 2004, Nintendo released the first Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the Game Boy Advanced. While it went by a different name, it was essentially the same type of game. The objective remained the same: Mario had to defeat Donkey Kong in levels modeled after the 1981 classic.

A Modern Update: The Nintendo Switch Remake

The upcoming Nintendo Switch release is a remake of the Game Boy Advanced version, but with much better graphics and hardware. Players can expect the levels to be different and hopefully more challenging.

Release Date and Availability

The release date for Mario vs. Donkey Kong on the Nintendo Switch is February 16, 2024. It’s important to note that this game will only be available for the Nintendo Switch and will not support platforms like the PS5 or Xbox.

Specifications and Multiplayer

The game will be a 2 GB download, which might seem small, but the original SD card that comes with the Switch is also relatively small. It’s recommended to upgrade to an SD card with more space.

One significant difference between the new version and the original Game Boy Advanced game is multiplayer. Unlike the solo experience of the original, the Nintendo Switch edition includes a co-op mode where players can team up with another person and have Toad accompany Mario on his adventures.

Cost and Comparison

Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Switch will cost approximately $49.99 USD, making it one of the more expensive Switch titles. This price increase is a trend seen in many recent video game releases.

Future Compatibility

Rumors suggest that the Nintendo Switch 2 may release in 2024. If it does, it’s likely that the game will be playable on both the current and future Switch systems.


With new graphics, a co-op mode, and improved gameplay, Mario vs Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Switch promises to be one of the best family games of the year.

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