Concord Gameplay Possibly Coming to PlayStation State of Play

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Upcoming PlayStation State of Play Event May Reveal New Details for Multiplayer Shooter Concord

According to a recent report, the next PlayStation State of Play event could unveil new gameplay and characters for Firewalk Studios’ multiplayer shooter Concord.

Expected Announcement at PlayStation State of Play

The report suggests that the upcoming announcement should reveal the gameplay, as well as some or all of Concord’s characters. As Concord was first announced last year for PC and PlayStation 5 with a purely cinematic teaser, it makes sense for another reveal to align with a PlayStation State of Play event.

Firewalk Studios and Concord

Firewalk Studios developed Concord as their debut project after joining PlayStation Studios in May 2023. Although PlayStation has revealed little about the game, they did confirm that it is a PvP multiplayer first-person shooter and will launch in 2024. However, it doesn’t have a concrete release date yet.

Potential Announcements at PlayStation State of Play

PlayStation’s next State of Play might premiere later this week, and recent leaks suggest potential announcements. These leaks do not mention Concord but did list a Death Stranding 2 announcement, aligning with Dealabs’ previous claim that Kojima Productions is working on a new Death Stranding game.

Leaks and Rumors

Dealabs also reported that a new version of Until Dawn could be announced soon for PC and PlayStation. It would make sense for PlayStation to group these announcements together, as last year’s State of Play was a bit divisive but this year could include some major titles.

Inspiration Behind Concord

Today’s report from Dealabs also claims that Concord is “strongly inspired by Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy universe.” Fans widely praised Eidos-Montréal’s Guardians of the Galaxy game, where each hero has their unique abilities. It’s possible that Concord will also be a space-themed hero shooter.

Anticipation for In-Depth Gameplay Overview

After such a long wait, fans are eagerly anticipating an in-depth gameplay overview alongside Concord’s cast of characters when it is revealed.

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