CD Projekt Red Expands Project Orion Team

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CD Projekt Red North America Announces New High-Profile Team Members for Project Orion

Project Orion, the codename for CD Projekt Red’s highly anticipated follow-up to Cyberpunk 2077, is reportedly expanding its team with some new high-profile members.

CD Projekt Red’s Upcoming Project Orion: Still in Early Development

Project Orion was first announced last year and the game is currently “in the early stages of development”. Last month, CD Projekt Red teased that Cyberpunk 2077 was “far from dead” and would be receiving new updates.

Meet the New Team Members of Project Orion

Today’s press release confirms that Dan Hernberg, Ryan Barnard, Alan Villani, Anna Megill, and Alexander Freed have joined the Project Orion team. All of them are studio veterans with extensive experience in popular titles.

Dan Hernberg: CDPR’s New Executive Producer

Hernberg previously served as Head of Production at Amazon Games and Lead Product Manager at Blizzard Entertainment. At CD Projekt Red, they will serve as an Executive Producer.

Ryan Barnard: Project Orion’s New Design Director

Barnard will join CD Projekt Red as Design Director for Project Orion.

Alan Villani: Engineering Director of Project Orion

Villani will be the Engineering Director for Project Orion.

Anna Megill: Lead Writer of Project Orion

Megill has previously worked on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and contributed to Remedy’s Control. She will be the lead writer for Project Orion.

Alexander Freed: Bolstering Project Orion’s Storytelling

Freed is also joining CD Projekt Red to bolster the storytelling in Project Orion.

New Direction for CDPR: The Witcher: Polaris

Adam Badowski, a joint CEO at CD Projekt Red, announced that the studio will also start developing the next Witcher game this year. The anticipated installment will be titled The Witcher: Polaris.

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