Battlestate Banned 11,000 Tarkov Cheaters In Two Weeks

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Two Weeks into Escape from Tarkov’s Best Update: New Features, Cheaters, and a Ban Wave

Two weeks into Escape from Tarkov’s latest update, ‘patch 0.14,’ fans of the intense extraction shooter are reaping the benefits of this significant overhaul. Since the end of 2023, players have been discovering new content, including a new map, updated recoil mechanics, and an array of new quests and features.

The Battle Against Cheaters

However, progress in Tarkov isn’t without its challenges. Cheating remains a persistent problem for the game, and developer Battlestate Games is working tirelessly to combat these malicious operators.

Recently, Battlestate announced on Twitter that it had banned ‘over 11,000’ cheaters in just two weeks, with the support of ‘BattlEye,’ an anti-cheat system. This ban wave was followed by a Google Doc revealing the usernames of those who had been banned.

Transparency and Accountability

This approach to addressing cheating isn’t new for Battlestate. Last year, the developer acted transparently with banned players and made their names public, keeping the community informed of the ongoing efforts to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment.

Identifying Cheaters: An Ongoing Struggle

Despite the latest updates and tools for cheater identification, it remains a challenge to catch these malicious players before they can disrupt gameplay. New features have made it easier to spot cheaters after the fact, but their actions often leave a lasting impact on the gaming experience.

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