2K Makes More Job Cuts at Visual Concepts Austin

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* Visual Concepts Austin Undergoes Another Round of Layoffs: Ex-Employees Confirm on Social Media
* WWE 2K23, NBA 2K24, and LEGO 2K Drive: Projects Affected by Latest Visual Concepts Austin Layoffs
* The Gaming Industry’s Unfortunate Trend: Thousands More Job Losses in 2023
* A Personal Account: One Former Visual Concepts Austin Employee Shares Her Layoff Experience Amidst Industry Turmoil
* Insider Gaming: Stay Updated with the Latest News on Visual Concepts Austin and the Gaming Industry


In a recent development, several employees at Visual Concepts Austin have reportedly been let go in yet another round of layoffs, just months after the studio experienced its first wave of layoffs in September 2023. This information was shared on social media and professional networking platform, LinkedIn, by affected ex-employees of the studio.

Visual Concepts Austin has most recently been responsible for producing popular gaming titles like WWE 2K23, NBA 2K24, and LEGO 2K Drive. Unfortunately, this year has seen an alarming number of layoffs across the gaming industry – with thousands losing their jobs in a matter of weeks. This unfortunate trend mirrors last year’s situation, where over 10,000 gaming workers were let go and some studios shut down entirely due to financial instability and shifts in game development and consumption patterns.

One former Art Manager at Visual Concepts Austin took to LinkedIn to share her personal experience, stating that this is the second layoff she has experienced within an eighteen-month period. She expressed concerns about the gaming industry’s worsening financial situation and evolving ways of playing and developing games, leading to these unfortunate events.

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