Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Update Released on PC

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Aspyr Releases Patch Notes for Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection’s First Major Update

Aspyr, the developer behind the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection on PC, recently unveiled the patch notes for its first major update. This update resolves several issues across multiplayer, visuals, audio, and bugs.

Addressing Multiple Problems

While the patch addresses numerous concerns, it does not yet tackle the server issues that hampered the game’s launch. Aspyr acknowledged these difficulties and mentioned that “we’re continuing to make server-side adjustments to improve the contact multiplayer experience, as well as planning for Update II.”

Rolling Out Updates Across Platforms

Steam users are the first to receive this update. However, Aspyr has initiated the submission and certification process for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo platforms. The updates should arrive on other consoles soon.

Swift Backlash from the Community

The Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection debuted to a wave of fan criticism, particularly for its lackluster server preparation and other issues. The game currently boasts an “Overwhelmingly Negative” rating on Steam.

Enjoying the Fixes Without Proper Servers

Although the update will bring improvements for Steam players, enjoying these fixes may still be a challenge without functioning servers to play on. This predicament could deter many fans from engaging with the game.

Aspyr Speaks Out on Launch Challenges

“At launch, we experienced critical errors with our network infrastructure,” Aspyr revealed in a statement about the overall launch issues last week.

Star Wars Outlaws: New Hope for Fans

Fans of the Star Wars franchise might find solace in the upcoming title, Star Wars Outlaws. Last week, it was announced that the game will support DLSS 3 and ray-traced effects at launch.

New Studio Aims to Create Engaging Worlds

Stig Asmussen, the director behind Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, recently formed a new studio, SIE Santa Monica Studio, which plans to create “gameplay-driven, story immersive action-adventure games set in captivating worlds.”

GOG Prepares to Add Shared Titles

Lastly, GOG, the digital distribution platform, announced that it plans to add support for shared titles sometime soon. Stay tuned for more Insider Gaming news on this topic.

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