All Final Fantasy 7 Spinoffs, Listed

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Title: Discover the Expansive Universe of Final Fantasy 7: A Deep Dive into Spin-off Games

The Magical World of Final Fantasy 7: Expansions and Adaptations

Since its release in 1997, the iconic game Final Fantasy 7 has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The demand for more stories and events within this intriguing universe has led Square Enix to create various spin-offs over the years, including games, movies, and anime. Let’s explore the most notable titles in this list, focusing primarily on games.

Before Crisis: The Prequel Game with a Rich Legacy

A Japanese mobile game released in 2004, Before Crisis served as a prequel to the main story of Final Fantasy 7. This title put players in control of the Turks as they fought against AVALANCHE, allowing fans to experience new perspectives. Despite its Japanese exclusivity, Before Crisis garnered praise for its storyline and high-quality production values. However, it was eventually shut down in 2018. A fan-made remake can be found contact, but Square Enix has since integrated many concepts and story points into the recent Ever Crisis game.

Dirge of Cerberus: A Shooter Sequel with Mixed Reviews

The first sequel to Final Fantasy 7, Dirge of Cerberus, was released in 2004 and followed Vincent Valentine three years after the main game. Players joined Vincent as he fought against Deepground, an offshoot of Shinra, attempting to resurrect Omega Weapon and destroy the planet. As the first shooter in the series, Dirge of Cerberus diverted from the traditional turn-based RPG mechanics, but it received mixed reviews and flopped in sales. Unfortunately, the game has never been ported to any other platform, making it difficult for modern players to access officially.

Crisis Core: A Prequel Focused on Zack Fair

As the third game in a trilogy, Crisis Core was released to expand the universe of Final Fantasy 7 before Advent Children. This prequel focused on Zack Fair and the events surrounding the Kalm flashback sequence from the main game, with various characters like Cloud, Aerith, Sephiroth, Hojo, and Turks making appearances. The success of Crisis Core led to its remaster in 2013 to reach a broader audience and expand Zack’s character, integrating him more prominently into the main story.

G-Bike: A Disappointing Mobile Game Based on a Iconic Sequence

G-Bike, a mobile game released in 2015, turned the iconic highway chase sequence from Final Fantasy 7 into a full game. However, it left fans disappointed due to its departure from the traditional RPG mechanics that the series was known for. The game was shut down less than three years later in 2018.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis – Retelling the Tale and Bridging the Gaps

The success of Final Fantasy 7 Remake has led Square Enix to create many new projects, including a free-to-play mobile game called Ever Crisis. This title retells the events of Final Fantasy 7 and its spin-offs like Before Crisis, Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, and Advent Children through episodic releases. Ever Crisis is an innovative concept as many older titles are no longer accessible, making it a valuable asset for fans looking to fill in the gaps left by unplayable games.

However, Ever Crisis’s free-to-play format is plagued by loot boxes and microtransactions that detract from the overall experience. The gacha mechanics have received significant backlash from players, resulting in a 54% rating on Steam. Nonetheless, it remains an interesting addition to the expansive Final Fantasy 7 universe.

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