Warner Bros. Reportedly Says Suicide Squad ‘Fell Short of Expectations’

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**Title:** Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Underperforms According to Warner Bros. Discovery

**Subtitle:** Mixed Reviews, Technical Issues, and Competition Affect Sales of the Game

According to IGN’s report, Warner Bros. Discovery expressed disappointment with the sales figure of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League during their latest financial call [1]. The Chief Financial Officer, Gunnar Wiedenfels, made this statement in response to the game’s performance following its sale on February 2nd for $70 [2].

Warner Bros. Discovery published their Q4 and full-year 2023 financial results today [3]. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which released in January 2024 to mixed reviews [4], currently holds generally unfavorable user ratings on Metacritic with a score of 3.7 [5]. These poor ratings likely contributed to the game’s unexpected underperformance.

**Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Launch Challenges**

The early access launch of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was fraught with issues. A significant bug in the game automatically completed it for some Early Access players [6]. To address this concern, developer Rocksteady issued an apology and compensation to affected users.

**Season 1 Announcement**

Despite the underwhelming sales, Warner Bros. Games announced a new content update in January 2023 for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League [7]. Season 1, which begins in March, will bring more boss fights, enemy variants, villain-themed weapons, and new missions to the game. The content roadmap also hinted at future seasons, fueling fan excitement.

**Warner Bros. Discovery’s Earnings and Future Plans**

In the earnings release, David Zaslav, President, and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, stated that “games revenue increased meaningfully due to the continued performance of Hogwarts Legacy, including its Q4 launch on the Nintendo Switch” [8]. He also highlighted that “we are now on solid footing with a clear pathway to growth” and announced plans for “a more robust creative pipeline across our film and TV studios.” However, the gaming industry was not explicitly mentioned in this broader company statement [9].

**Additional News:** Disruptive Games Faces Legal Action [10]

For the latest Insider Gaming news, read about developer Disruptive Games facing legal action.

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