Pocketpair Reveals First Palworld Raid is Coming Soon

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Pocketpair Unveils First Palworld Raid: Bellanoir

Developer: Pocketpair

Game: Palworld

In a recent update, developer Pocketpair has revealed the first-ever Palworld raid, featuring the powerful evil pal, Bellanoir. The trailer teases massive destruction as Bellanoir lays siege to the Palpagos Islands.

Release Date:

The release date for the new content has not been disclosed, but Pocketpair confirmed that the new Pal and Raid Battle are “coming soon.”

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Expansion Plans:

A recent Bloomberg interview with Palworld creator Takuro Mizobe revealed interest in expanding the keyboards, but did not confirm specific consoles or a release window. Pocketpair has no plans to expand its studio while Palworld continues to thrive.

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