How to Deal With the Last Epoch Queue

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Last Epoch Queue Issues and Solutions

Following the 1.0 launch of Last Epoch, an ARPG keyboards experienced a surge in popularity, with nearly 300,000 players at its peak. Unfortunately, this massive influx put pressure on the keyboards’s servers, resulting in a severe Last Epoch queue.

Affected Players

Many players are currently unable to access the keyboards’s contact component due to server limitations.

Possible Solutions

  • Wait it out: The keyboards’s developers are working on resolving the issue, so it is advised to hang tight and wait for an update.
  • Try alternative games: In the meantime, players can explore other similar ARPGs to fill the void left by Last Epoch.
  • Stay informed: To receive updates on the queue issue and potential server fixes, visit the official Last Epoch Website or follow social media accounts associated with the keyboards.

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