Insomniac Games Addresses PlayStation Layoffs

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Title: Sony Plans to Cut Around 900 Employees from Global PlayStation Roster

Sony Announces Major Layoffs in Video Game Industry

Yesterday, it was revealed that Sony has plans to eliminate approximately 900 employees from its global PlayStation roster. This move amounts to roughly 8% of the company’s workforce. The news comes as a terrible blow to an already struggling industry, which has witnessed thousands of layoffs in the past year.

Impact on Studios

Several video game studios were affected by these layoffs, including Insomniac Games, Firesprite, and London Studio. Insomniac Games addressed the situation on social media, releasing a somber statement about Sony’s latest wave of layoffs:

“Most recently, Insomniac Games has been in the news for airing the company out in the open, revealing roadmaps, internal projects, and all manner of information from games past, present, and future. We are deeply affected by this latest devastating wave of layoffs.”

Possible Closure of London Studio

London Studio, which has worked on popular titles such as “Rise of the Tomb Raider” and “Halo 5”, may be at risk of closure altogether. The studio’s future remains uncertain.

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