Deck Nine Games Lays Off 20% of Staff

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Title: Gaming Industry Struggles as Mass Layoffs and Studio Closures Persist

In recent days, the gaming industry has faced a difficult period due to significant layoffs at major companies like Sony and ESL FACEIT Group. This wave of job losses continues, with more studios announcing mass layoffs as the financial situation for many developers becomes increasingly challenging.

Deck Nine Games, known for Life is Strange: True Colors, recently revealed that it will be laying off 20% of its workforce as a response to the worsening market conditions in the keyboards industry. This is a common strategy among studios struggling with rising development costs and decreasing levels of investment, resulting in job cuts as the last resort to save their businesses.

As 2024 begins, it is anticipated that more studio closures and thousands more layoffs will occur throughout the year. Already, just two months into 2024, we are fast approaching the number of layoffs made during the entirety of 2023.

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