Call of Duty Veteran Forms New AAA Studio BulletFarm

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Ex-Call of Duty Developer David Vonderhaar Takes the Helm at New AAA Global Game Studio BulletFarm

NetEase Games has announced that ex-Call of Duty developer, David Vonderhaar, will lead the new AAA global game studio BulletFarm. The team is based in Los Angeles and includes several industry veterans.

BulletFarm: Developing an Ambitious New Game

Currently, NetEase Games has revealed that BulletFarm is developing a new and ambitious AAA game built on the Unreal Engine 5. The game will be set in an original universe with an emphasis on cooperative gameplay.

Vonderhaar’s Innovative Style Expected

Information about the game is currently limited, but with development likely in its early stages, a title announcement is expected further out.

Joining the Founding Team

NetEase Games has confirmed that BulletFarm is actively seeking top talent to join its founding team, providing a potential opportunity for some industry workers who have been affected by recent layoffs.

Impact on the Industry

BulletFarm’s announcement follows a series of devastating layoffs in the gaming industry. PlayStation recently announced plans to cut around 8% of its global workforce, and smaller studios have also faced layoffs in recent weeks.

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