EA Closes Battlefield Single-Player Studio Ridgeline

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EA Shuts Down Ridgeline Studio and Relocates Battlefield Development

Late Wednesday afternoon, EA announced that they were laying off about 5% of their global workforce. As part of these layoffs, EA has decided to close its Ridgeline studio, the developer responsible for the single-player side of Battlefield.

Reorganization in Battlefield Development

Development of the single-player content in Battlefield is now being moved to Criterion, a studio more known for their work on Burnout and Need For Speed franchises. However, Criterion has previously worked on small areas of Battlefield V and Battlefield 2042.

Laura Miele’s Statement

“Marcus Lehto recently made a personal decision to leave the project,” said Laura Miele, president of EA Entertainment and Technology. “To ensure our work continues uninterrupted, we immediately appointed leadership at Criterion to oversee our single-player work.”

Ridgeline Studio Closure and Employee Transfers

“As part of this change, we’ll be winding down Ridgeline as a standalone studio in Seattle. Some team members will join Ripple Effect and continue to work with teams across DICE, Ripple, and Criterion as they build the next Battlefield experience.”

Industry Updates

The gaming industry has seen over 8,000 people let go in the first two months of 2024. Last year saw approximately 10,000 laid off in some form.

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