Battlefield Franchise has Lost Yet Another Creative Director

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Battlefield Franchise Experience Unfolds: Creative Directors Depart Amidst Upheaval

The gaming world has witnessed a series of significant changes within the Battlefield franchise, as the Creative Directors Marcus Lehto and Craig Morrison leave their respective roles following the departure of Lars Gustavsson.

Marcus Lehto: Creative Director Resigns from Ridgeline Games

Craig Morrison, former Creative Director of Battlefield Franchise at EA, joined the franchise as a Creative Director in August 2021 and later became Studio Creative Director. However, he left the franchise in February 2024 to join Blue Scarab Entertainment.

The Unusual Twist: Two Creative Directors Depart within a Year of Project Completion

This departure appears to be highly unusual, as it typically occurs at the end stages of a project. Marcus Lehto, previously with Ridgeline Games, was soon after replaced by EA.

EA’s Response to Departures:

“Marcus Lehto recently made a personal decision to leave the project. To ensure our work continues uninterrupted, we immediately appointed leadership at Criterion to oversee our single-player work”

EA also announced the closure of Ridgeline Games and has since integrated some team members into Ripple Effect, working with DICE, Ripple, and Criterion to create a new Battlefield experience.

EA’s Silence:

EA has yet to comment on Craig Morrison’s departure. Insider Gaming is currently investigating the turmoil within the franchise.

Anonymity and Security:

“If you wish to speak anonymously and securely about your experience with the Battlefield franchise, you can reach me at .”

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