There’s a New Fallout Xbox Controller That You Can Custom Build

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Exclusive Fallout-Themed Xbox Controller Unveiled by Xbox Design Lab

The Xbox Design Lab has revealed an all-new, Fallout-themed controller that lets players customize their gaming experience to match their desired aesthetic. Exclusively available on the Xbox Design Lab, this unique controller features a faceplate plastered with Vault Boy iconography and a Vault-Tec logo. Players can customize various aspects of the controller, such as button design, grip texture, colored accents, and even have their username laser-etched onto the device.


  • Unique Fallout-themed design with Vault Boy iconography and a Vault-Tec logo.
  • Customizable aspects of the controller, such as buttons, inputs, grips, and colored accents.
  • Option to have a username laser-etched onto the device (not visible on this design).
  • Exclusive collectable for Fallout fans.

Price Range

$85 (base price) to $115 (includes optional extras)

It remains unknown if this exclusive controller is a temporary feature on the Xbox Design Lab or a permanent addition. As a collector’s item, investing in this controller might be appealing to true Fallout fans.

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